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Sorry for the silencio.

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Hubs and I went on what he was calling a #vacajun to Cajun country. We rented an Airbnb that was once a small church in St. Martinville, a small town in the heart of Louisiana's historic Cajun country, about thirty minutes outside of Lafayette. We ate, ate some more, visited Avery Island, bought hubs a guitar and some records, slept in, and generally lazed around, and then ate again. It was great! All that splendor only two and a half hours away from home.

The highlight of our trip was visiting Avery Island - the home of Tabasco sauce! We only had a few hours, so we elected to visit the enormous botanic gardens set up by the McIlhenny family, fittingly called Jungle Gardens. The weather was totally perfect - loads of shade, a lovely long walk, no mosquitos, and I even got to see turtles, a few birds, and an alligator! Among other things, Jungle Gardens features some very old buildings - a boathouse built in 1910, the McIlhenny family home, and a ca. 900 year old buddha bought for E.A. McIlhenny by some friends of his in 1936. It was tryuly magical and we were the only people there. I can't wait to go back in the spring when the many azaleas and camellia's developed and collected by E.A. McIlhenny are in bloom.

No matter how much fun I had - and I did have a LOT of fun, it's always a huge relief to come home and sleep in your own bed. Although I can say I love traveling more than almost anything, maybe what I really love more than anything is coming home. 

After a couple of days working diligently on building all the habits I talked about last time we chatted, I got out there and did some errands on what turned out to be a mild, breezy, perfect New Orleans day. I had an errand or two to do in the French Quarter - an area I usually stay away from because of its congestion and general lack of parking, but today I was deep in that I love it here! feeling - because there were no crowds, and I found easy parking.

Anyway, I was reminded how much I love home, love this quirky city, and am loving life in general. 

Thanks! Love you guys!

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