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Look, I'm not going to lie. All I want to do is sleep. And this is different from any other day how, you ask? It's not really, I just have a good reason this time.

Remember that yoga retreat I mentioned a few weeks ago? It was great! A huge success, we pulled off another 800+ person event and, as they say, nothing burned down. On my day off of supporting yogis in their meditation journey, I visited The Bok Tower. FINALLY (been wanting to for eight whole years). His motto makes me seriously verklempt. Go read about Edward Bok! Inspiring guy.

So, to be truthful, I don't have a lot to say, but here are some bullet points in my life between the naps:

  • I got married in April (yeah!) and only 2 weeks ago did I finally do my gift returns (I know). What did I buy? Lookie here, I finally got this Vitamix doo-hickie. Now I can make smaller portions of EVERYTHING.
  • In New Orleans they have a holiday tradition called a Réveillon dinner. In the old-timey times, the New Orleans Creole Réveillon tradition was a super long post-midnight mass meal. You left God's presence starved, and part of the whole deal was staying awake during this endurance eating contest. Because it's New Orleans, someone got the idea to revive this tradition via crazy awesome prix fixe meals in local restaurants. There are lots of places around town where you can eat multiple course dinners to the point of passing out. And then if you're me you can go home and actually pass out, because sleeping is my thing. Though most New Orleanians probably just keep raging, because New Orleans. If you want to develop a case of sympathetic gout, check out all the offerings here. I'm still obsessing over where we'll go, but if money was no option I would go to the 8 course Commander's Palace meal.
  • Since today we made our reservation for a different kind of Réveillon - the New Year's Eve prix fixe dinner at Josephine Estelle, I've stopped tripping out on what we'll actually do for a (post-)Christmas Réveillon. If you are starting to notice a trend - that people in New Orleans celebrate positively everything with tons of food, you'd be right.
  • We're getting REAL CLOSE to Twelfth Night. What does that mean? King Cake season! And the official start of Mardi Gras season. WHOOOO!! You better believe people here are already counting down.
  • For Christmas I got a GANG of cookbooks. Including this one, and this one.
  • I also got that Whirley Pop! YEAH. Popcorn posts in the near future, Failing that, definitely some popcorn in my stomach.
  • Hubs got me this super awesome essential oil diffuser for Christmas. It's easily the best and nicest one I have ever used. EVERYTHING SMELLS AMAZING HERE.
  • Currently reading: Sleeping in Flame, by Johnathan Carroll, another Christmas gift. 
  • My favorite new instagram feed is here, and I am officially obsessed with Instagram stories - wedding present excitement Instagram story video example below. 

Love you! Now back to sleep.