Green Wedding Shoes, everybody!

Check out my WEDDING! if you want to :D

In other news, it's high time for an update. Seriously. High time.

I'm going to keep it short and sweet here, and one day soon (in about a month, with any luck) I'll really give you the full scoop on the wormhole I fell into. So, bulletpoints:

  • My cleanse was GREAT. While on it I realized I just want to be accountable only to my weird obsession with jello molds. I mean, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Amiright?
  • I went to LA for a month (kitty sitting from Mom, who was visiting sister in Paris). I ate ALL the bean and cheese burritos. I fell WAY off my cleanse. Oops. I felt AMAZING.
  • I came home to New Orleans in the middle of a bathroom renovation. Then I felt AWFUL. I learned that - drumroll, please...
  • I have developed a chemical sensitivity issue. A lot more on this in coming days. That took a few weeks out of my life. A few very low brain function high emotion zero energy all the time headaches weeks. But anyway.
  • We bought the MOTHER of all air filters. Also, more on this in coming days.
  • Now I feel good again!
  • In two weeks I go to New Mexico to help run the crazy big yoga retreat I work on 2x a year. (Yeah, I'll basically disappear again until July).
  • I'm STILL dying to just make every weird jell-o in my head with the giant mega box of fancy leaf gelatin I bought in LA, but now that the bathroom is done, the kitchen is around the corner (KILL ME PLEASE RIGHT NOW).

And finally, in case I didn't already mention it enough for you: we're on Green Wedding Shoes today!

That is all! Love you! Once I finish surviving the endurance competition known as Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration, I'll be back to talk about the latest chapter in my weirdo health journey.

<3 <3 <3 

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